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A complete package for learning and exam preparation


Experience exam-like situation before your exam.


Build exam temparament through 100+ tests over the months


Know where you stand and improve continuously with every test

Why choose  AsliMaster?

If Time is money then why are you spending money to waste your money


➤ Have you been searching volumes of books for exam relevant questions?
➤ Have you been making a redundant effort trying to count correct and incorrect questions?
➤ Have you been trying to mug up the facts and figures while the success in the test is purely based on practice with the MCQs?
➤ Have you been wasting your parents’ hard-earned money on short term preparatory lessons for topics you have already covered at school?
➤ Have you been stuck in a classroom where hundreds sit to a room and the teacher hardly knows about your existence?
➤ Have you been wasting your most precious time traveling to your academy every day when it is not even worth it?


✔ Sharpen your problem solving skills with over 2.5 lac questions.
✔ Get explanation to wrong answers instantly along with the links to study material.
✔ Practice 100+ mock tests to help build the right temperament for your examination.
✔ Brush up your contents with the help of Mind maps, Flashcards, Concept sheets and Lectures available at our site. 
✔ Get personalized detailed report to measure your progress, know your weaker areas, and manually adjust the difficulty level for yourself. 
✔ Pay less than for a smart phone to get an access to excellent studying material and practice tests.

We are here to answer your queries!

Should I practice online on Asli Master even if I plan to give an exam Offline?

When students practice on Asli Master, they are presented with valuable information that saves their time and effort while improving efficiency. Our students know the areas that they should focus on and track their progress objectively. They are far better prepared then their counterparts. This is not possible if they were to study only from books. Also, MCAT, GAT and other competitive exams are gradually shifting to an online pattern which is why we believe an online package is a must.

Is preparation using Asli Master enough for clearing an entrance exam?

No, using only Asli Master may not be enough unless you understand the theory through your books. Asli Master is a practice and test platform. It can be best utilised if you learn and understand your concepts first and then go for practicing questions. Asli Master is a supplement and not an alternative to regular classroom learning.

How is Asli Master different from other similar programs?

Asli Master is the most comprehensive test package with 250,000+ well organised questions, sufficient for 2 years of continuous practice. It’s unique adaptive tests help you gradually cover your syllabus. Supplemented with instant reports and detailed feedback, you can start working on your weak areas instantly.

Can Asli Master help me understand theory of subjects?

We have researched and organised the best videos and learning materials on the web under Study materials for each topic. You can go through the videos or the relevant web links to understand the concepts better.

How should I use Asli Master and what to do in case of any problem ?

First, use the practice test in Practice Mode to access questions, answers, explanations and reference materials. Leverage the remediation to additional learning materials to maximize the effectiveness of the study material. Practice everything without thinking that any questions are out of syllabus since there is only an outline as syllabus and testing officers are authorized to choose anything from within. 
Next, use your score report to identify your gray areas where you need to put in the most effort.
And then, refine your practice experience in Practice Mode by customizing domain objectives or selecting missed questions. 
Finally, After scoring several passing grades in Practice Mode, take the Mock Test. This should give you the feel of the real exam. If you are scoring 90% and above in the Mock Tests, you’re really good to go. 

How many types of standardized tests are covered by Asli Master? 

Asli Master covers subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, English, Islamiat, Pak Studies, GK, IR with their wide range of topics to prepare for all local and international admission tests. Asli Master helps you to get admitted to medical colleges in US, Australia and Pakistan. 
In Pakistan, Asli Master is being used to prepare for the entry test for engineering universities like GIKI, NUST, LUMS, FAST, UET and NED etc and to prepare for MCAT for universities like Agha Khan University, Shifa International, AIMC, KEMU and CMH etc.

How to upgrade from demo to paid account?

To upgrade from DEMO to paid account you need to deposit fee through any payment method given on UPGRADE page send payment receipt on with your name, email, cell number, contact and course and package details. Your paid account credentials will be sent to your email account within 48 hours.

How to contact Asli Master?

Email us at for general information
and for payments inquiries.
You can give us your valuable feedback by leaving a message through your login area.


Asli Master pilot project launched offline in the mid of July 2014


“Although I didn’t get the chance to make most of Asli Master’s unexhausting resources as I was already done with my MCAT. 
I suffered a lot of issues trying to catch up with the classes and self-studying at the same time. Sometimes I would not just understand a topic in class and come home and hit the internet trying to grasp the concept. And I can only imagine how brilliant would it be to have all the study material along with practice questions all under one roof.”

Saima Rehman
2nd Year – MBBS


” I being a teacher’s trainer had the chance to make it to the far-flung areas of Pakistan and encountered both the students and teachers over there. For them it is a massive challenge to pursue higher education as in make it to the universities in big cities. Their intelligence and learning abilities are not impaired in any way in fact it is just that they lack adequate guidance to pass entrance tests with flying colours. Asli Master will put an end to their misery as they will be able to avail the same resources as those being used by their counterparts in the cities. “

Dr. Mohammad Shafi
Education Consultant


“The biggest issue that I faced while trying to give my child the education he needed was monetary. These preparatory classes demanded that my son takes residence in Lahore. While we belong to a small village in Khairpur, I knew I won’t be able to bear the expenses but then my son’s friend got to know about Asli Master and they both prepared for their tests through this site and my son was able to get admission in a big college in an adjacent city. I’ll be forever grateful to Asli Master for this. ” 

Ahmad Hassan