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Why is Alsi Master Right Platform For You

E- Assessment

Create and conduct tests instantly. 
Use quality topic wise question bank.

Instant Reports

Result just after test. 
Topic wise progress. 

Instant Reports

Animated Videos and Concept Sheets 
Flash Cards and Mindmaps
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A complete package for learning and exam preparation

You Have Questions!

How can I Individualise Learning ?

You get in-depth analysis to know student strengths/weakness, identify common misconceptions and arrange effective remedial classes.

How Asli Master can help in class tests  ?

You will have a lot of topicwise questions with various difficutly level so you can use those readymade questions to create tests in minutes.

Can I conduct exam through Asli Master ?

Yes, You will have two options either you will have to purchase regular student accounts for the whole class OR  you will have to purchase Asli Master Exam Automator solution for your school or class by which you can create and conduct paperless exam through your own website

How can I assess student strength and weakness ?

You will take tests of various topics and subject and just after finishing test Asli Master show you the progress, strength and weakness of student in given topics.

Can I add my own questions into the question bank ?

In Asli Master Exam Automator solution you can add your own questions with but in regular account you can only request us to add questions in the question bank.

I have questions and contents to share with Asli Master ? 

You are always welcome to share thoughts, recommendations, learning material, questions. You can also earn by creating tests and MCQs for us 


Asli Master pilot project launched offline in the mid of July 2014


“Although I didn’t get the chance to make most of Asli Master’s unexhausting resources as I was already done with my MCAT. 
I suffered a lot of issues trying to catch up with the classes and self-studying at the same time. Sometimes I would not just understand a topic in class and come home and hit the internet trying to grasp the concept. And I can only imagine how brilliant would it be to have all the study material along with practice questions all under one roof.”

Saima Rehman
2nd Year – MBBS


” I being a teacher’s trainer had the chance to make it to the far-flung areas of Pakistan and encountered both the students and teachers over there. For them it is a massive challenge to pursue higher education as in make it to the universities in big cities. Their intelligence and learning abilities are not impaired in any way in fact it is just that they lack adequate guidance to pass entrance tests with flying colours. Asli Master will put an end to their misery as they will be able to avail the same resources as those being used by their counterparts in the cities. “

Dr. Mohammad Shafi
Education Consultant


“The biggest issue that I faced while trying to give my child the education he needed was monetary. These preparatory classes demanded that my son takes residence in Lahore. While we belong to a small village in Khairpur, I knew I won’t be able to bear the expenses but then my son’s friend got to know about Asli Master and they both prepared for their tests through this site and my son was able to get admission in a big college in an adjacent city. I’ll be forever grateful to Asli Master for this. ” 

Ahmad Hassan